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We will be happy to welcome you to visit our forest oasis in the desert and can provide you with the most up to date, personal advice in selection, teaching and caring for parrots. This is the place to get parrots in Arizona if you are looking for the best pedigree blood lines and best personalities in parrots.

Note:  If you already own a parrot and are seeking help to better understand your pet, please call us.  We here at are Bird Behaviorist Specialists.  We can teach you how to modify your parrots behavior and help you teach your parrot to become a better family pet. For this custom service, we charge $60 per hour for small birds, and $100 per hour for large birds.  We can do this over the phone if you are not able to travel here to our Parrot Ranch.

COMING SOON: 100 short-clip training DVD. A compilation of our 40 years experience in successfully training pet parrots, including grooming techniques and diet suggestions for extended wellness. 

Your BEST source of avian advice!
Arizona Parrots, Tucson AZ     PH#520-298-0379     11am – 5pm