BIG SALE ON COCKATIELS NOW 25% OFF CALL FOR DETAILS 520-298-0379 Our pricing table below displays the standard cost of available birds at age 2 weeks, the next column is the weekly increase in price and the final column is an example 5 week price column still a rather young age for most birds since you would need to be a very experienced hand feeder… better to get them at 4 or 6 weeks old.  If you wish to purchase a bird younger than 5 weeks you will need to pick it up in person as the chance a healthy shipping experience is reduced.   The “Price Increase Each Week” column displays the cost added for each additional week older that we have the birds here on the ranch before they are purchased.

Parrot Species Age: two weeks Price Increase for Each Week Example: Age Five Weeks
Budgie/Parakeet add $10 for male $27 $4 $39
Finches(Exotic colors plus $40) SOLD OUT $3 $29
Quaker Parrot (if blue add $80) SOLD OUT $10 $390
Cockatiel more info $110-250 $10-30 $140-340
Indian Ringneck Parakeet (add $90 for Blue, Yellow or white) more info $624 $12 $665
Sun Conure $550 $10 $580
Blue Crown Conure SOLD OUT $20 $870
Goffin Cockatoo SOLD OUT $00 $000
Citron Crested Cockatoo SOLD OUT $50 $000
Umbrella Cockatoo SOLD OUT $00 $000
Double Yellow Head Amazon SOLD OUT $70 $1900
Congo African Grey more info $2990 $70 $3200
Blue & Gold Macaw $2400 $60 $2580
Miligold Macaw SOLD OUT $70 $3110
Military Macaw SOLD OUT $50 $1400
Green Wing Macaw $2900 $70 $3110
Flame/Rainbow Macaw SOLD OUT $70 $00