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Hand Feeding Instructions

Hand Feeding Instructions   Cockatiel babies from 20 to 55 days old.  Each feeding should be 6 to 10 cc (ml). Sun Conure babies from 22 to 82 days old.  Each feeding should be 7 to 12 cc (ml). Typically feed 3 times a day.  It can be 4 times a day or more often […]

Macaw Tips

Perch arrangement: Good solid perches should be positioned at both ends of the flight and directly in front of the nest box. The nest box perch gives the birds easy access to the nest. These perches should be hard wood making them difficult to destroy, so that frequent replacement is not necessary. Other perches of […]

Sexing Cockatiels

Determining the sex of the young cockatiel is not always easy; it often consists of an educated guess. The males and females of the normal greys and cinnamons are identical when young. They show little or no yellow on the face and both have large spots under the wings on the long flight feathers. As […]

Welcome To Parrots

Welcome to the wonderful world of parrots. Okay, it may be wonderful, but it’s not utopia. There’s a lot to know and a lot to do in order to make a parrot happy and keep it healthy in the average home. This article gives you an overview of parrot care and shows you where to […]

Wing & Nail Clipping

Be Prepared with These Items: -Needle Nose Pliers -Sharp Scissors -Large Towel -Coagulant like Kwik-Stop or Others listed below -Your Bird -Confidence and TRAINING Wing Clipping: Though controversial, the risk of loosing a beloved pet due to not keeping their wings clipped is much more devastating to both bird and pet owner than the possible […]

Why Birds Bite? Resolving Behavioral Problems

I am in the process of fixing this article … will be much improved by May 30 2018 Note:  The things I do not know … are much greater than the things I know.      I appreciate feedback on what you find both interesting and different as you accumulate experiences with your pet parrot. […]


Frequently Asked Questions 1) How do you ship birds? We ship birds on the airlines. They are shipped in either wooden carriers or plastic pet kennels. They ride in a special climate controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane. They are not in the same compartment as the passenger luggage. We use the airlines because […]

Bird Training

Once upon a time when wild import birds were all that we had to choose from bird training consisted of teaching a few basic things like “stepping up” onto your hand, or a perch without the bird biting and speech mimicry. Some would teach their birds to “kiss” or to ride on their shoulders. Interesting […]

Hand Feeding

Hand feeding is the process used by bird breeders to feed a baby bird before weaning in a manner that replaces the parent bird’s regurgitation of food into the baby’s crop. It allows us to create a very tame and trainable bird because the baby bird is accustomed to being handled and interacted with by humans […]

Hand Feeding Problems & Possible Solutions

Food not being digested This can be caused by improperly mixed food, lack of bacteria in the crop, food fed too hot or cold, yeast infections and the baby being kept too cool. Try feeding a small amount of baby applesauce and water. If this helps at the next feeding add either bird Bene-Bac (bacteria […]