Are you ready to buy a Parrot? (Test)

Use these numbers to find your Parrot-Parent Score:

0=not true at all; 1=sort of true; 2=true a lot of the time; 3=pretty much the case!; 4=you bet, absolutely positively true!

1. I really love birds/pets and could easily make a lifetime commitment to mine.

2. I would enjoy the time it takes to prepare fresh vegetables and other healthy foods for my parrot every day.

3. I have time to take my parrot out of the cage and play with it every day.

4. I believe that a health exam by an avian vet is important when the bird seems under stress or lacking energy.

5. I want to get my bird the largest cage possible so it can play, swing, and flap its wings freely.

6. I can handle being bitten on occasion, and I would not become frightened and leave the bird in the cage for the rest of its life if it gave me a hard bite that drew blood, and I would certainly never hurt a bird by hitting it.

7. Bird poops aren’t that bad. I don’t mind cleaning up a poop or two off the couch or my shirt.

8. Cleaning a cage is no big deal. I would do it weekly and would never let poops build up into little mountains on the floor.

9. I can handle some noise now and then. I won’t keep throwing a blanket over the cage to shut the bird up just because I am missing watching a TV program.

10. I understand my lifestyle will be different with a parrot. I realize there are household hazards that can kill a bird quickly like Teflon pans, air fresheners, Carpet Fresh, open toilets, ceiling fans, scented candles, etc. I’m willing to modify my household to make my pet safe.

Now add together your points.

0-9: You should get a virtual pet or just visit your friends’ pets and put off buying a parrot to another time in your life.

10-20: You could handle having a smaller bird, like a Cockatiel or some untamed bird with a mate who will be happy on their own.

20-40: Congratulations:  You are ready for a new pet Parrot.

Welcome to the world of owning parrots. These are the smartest creatures you will ever keep in your home. They do require some time, consideration and money but are easily the best pet bargain of all pets. They make wonderful companions and their intelligence and humor will delight you for many years to come.