Our pricing table below displays the standard cost of available birds at age 1 week, following with their 5 week price which is commonly the age at which most un-weaned birds are purchased, as well as the earliest age in which we are able to ship the birds via airline. If you wish to purchase a bird younger than 5 weeks, we invite you to our location where you may pick up the bird in person. The “Price Increase Each Week” column displays the cost added for each additional week that we care for the birds before they are purchased. Please keep this in mind when considering a baby older than 5 weeks, particularly a weaned baby if you do not wish to take over hand-feeding. Some characteristics may sway the standard pricing we have set depending on the individual bird. For example, a disabled bird may cost less, and a very tame bird with an exceptional personality may cost more. Most adults will have a set price, which varies between each individual based on their ability to be a great pet, such as how advanced they have been trained and how well they may be talking.

Parrot Species Age: One Week Price Increase for Each Week Example: Age Five Weeks
Budgie/Parakeet $20 $3 $32
Finches(Exotic colors plus $50) $20 $3 $32
Quaker Parrot (if blue add $40) $230 $10 $270
Cockatiel $40-80 $10-20 $80-200
Indian Ringneck Parakeet (add $60 for Blue or white) $260 $10 $300
Sun Conure $190 $10 $230
Blue Crown Conure $370 $15 $430
Goffin Cockatoo SOLD OUT $30 $720
Citron Crested Cockatoo SOLD OUT $30 $770
Umbrella Cockatoo $900 $55 $1120
Double Yellow Head Amazon $650 $45 $830
Congo African Grey $1180 $70 $1460
Blue & Gold Macaw $1180 $70 $1460
Miligold Macaw $1180 $70 $1460
Military Macaw $800 $45 $980
Green Wing Macaw $1480 $70 $1760
Flame/Rainbow Macaw $1480 $70 $1760